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Match summary Quarter-final first leg: Rayados vs Santos (2-0)

a plan Del Monterey became First to reach the semi-finals of the Liguilla Finals 2023after Beat Santos 2-0 in a duel Quarter-final return.

After the first half with arguing over refereeing (since those of La region suffered a poorly disallowed goal which gave them a draw at one and no penalty awarded), monterey He knew how to grow in the complement to seal a pass, yet 0-0 in the first leg.

The goal of the dressing room

monterey The Lakes stunned with an early goal. It was hardly the third minute, when Rogelio Funes Mori Score 1-0: The play came from a ball left by a defender Raul Lopez on condition Maxi Meza The defender made a save, but got a pass for a goal.

Despite this, Santos, from the Uruguayan Pablo Rebeto, had the ball and felt danger from Albeverdis.

False goal disallowed for Santos

Immediately at 9 o’clock the lakes found the tie next Alan Cervantes Served from right to right Matthews DoriaWhich sweeping finished though Stephen Andrada Covered the ball was loose, then pushed the Warriors 1-1.

However, the Referee Oscar Macías Romo Consult the VAR, without going to see the screen, and I decided to cancel the target…for not being out of place. until the Former referee Felipe Ramos Rizzo on his social networks This was a bad decision.

Macias did not score a penalty!

Santos again saw himself hurt in the 18th minute of refereeing from then on Diego Medina Fell in the area due to being pushed out Jesus Gallardo is Former referee Ramos Rizzo confirmed, once again, that Macías decided badly, that he should have scored a penalty, which was a push.

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In the 20th minute, Andrada again left the ball in the area and Santos narrowly managed to push, miraculously the goal did not fall.

in the 32nd minute Jordi Cortizo Head to the side that looked like another target from gang And he was just afraid.

A special target almost fell

Little by little, Vucetich’s Monterrey began to take control of the match and in the 63rd minute, on a Maxi cross, Felix Torres The ball hit the post, he narrowly pushed his own goal.

Seconds later, Cortizo shot from outside the area and was not a target for anything, he passed centimeters from the goal.

Amazing goal from Maxi Mesa

When he lived the 68th minute, he was Amazing goal from Maxi Mesafrom the left wing Omar Gouveia He sent a long pass to his teammate, who received the ball and with all the time in the world settled down and lit the ball, deflecting the shot that came to goalkeeper Acevedo.

Santos had the ball in the first half and should have taken the lead, but fell in the second half. So Striped grewin such a way that he manages to end the game with a scandalous win, but he is forgiven.