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Andre Jardine: “It’s time for America to become a champion”

Andre Jardine: “It’s time for America to become a champion”

after set Saint Louis Athletic were to Annotation for achieving this feat to eliminate in American vultureshe Technical Director from potosinus, Andre Jardinethat, in his opinion, Blue cream box ready to be hero.

What did Jardine del Tano Ortiz say?

he Brazilian coach Share the respect he has for the technical director of American band Fernando “Tano” Ortiz.

“I have a huge crush on him Tanu. Honestly, it’s about time for me America to be a champion“.

On the other side, Andrey He expressed his dissatisfaction with Refereeing by Daniel Quintero Otronand the VAR in Aztec Stadiumthat’s after Possible penalty One of its elements was not tagged in the final minutes of the match.

“We often feel damaged. I am making Application to Liga MX take care of this issue; That standard does not pass through Institutional forces what are you playing”.

Finally, he was happy and optimistic about next tournamentin which he aspires to go further than he is in the present, and support some positions key on campus.

We want to add More players levelmore forcefully. For me, the biggest news is that the next tournament we start at this point and We can go for more. I’m so excited to know we’re going to the next tournament be stronger“.

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