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Classic Chivas vs. ATLAS LIVE TV AZTECA vs TUDN Channel 5: Where to watch and on which channel will the quarter-final second leg be shown | videos | Total Sports

Chivas against. atlas Live today, Sunday, May 14th at 7:05 PM in Central Mexico on TUDN Channel 5 and TV Azteca Deportes (Channel 7) | The live match will be held at Akron Stadium To pass the semi-finals of MX League. In the first leg, the Guadalajara team fell by the slightest margin. However, Mexican soccer Atlas coach Benjamin Mora confirmed on Thursday that he would not be trusted to outpace the locals and would come out to win the second leg of the Clausura quarter-finals. “It’s a goal, I don’t think it’s helpful to feel we’re done; we’ll play as if we had no advantage,” the strategist said.

possible alliances

  • Chivas: Miguel Jimenez; Thebes SepĂșlveda, Jesus Chiquet, Alan Mozzo, Alejandro Mayorga; Oso Gonzalez, Fernando Beltran, “Bucho” Guzman (centre); Isaac Brizuela, Carlos Cisneros, Ronaldo Cisneros.
  • atlas: Camilo Vargas. Hugo Nervo, Jade Aguirre, Bon Reyes, Diego Barbosa; Aldo Rocha (centre), Jeremy Marquez, Ozil Herrera, Brian Lozano; Julian Quinones, Julio Fertsch.
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