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How friendly the Peru-El Salvador match was by the time of FIFA 2024

How friendly the Peru-El Salvador match was by the time of FIFA 2024

How was the friendly match between Peru and El Salvador according to FIFA history – Credit: FPF.

Peru beat El Salvador 1-0 At Subaru Park Stadium in Chester, Pennsylvania (United States), to play the final friendly preparatory match for the tournament. Copa America 2024. Jorge Fossati’s men dominated the game, but they were not sharp in front of goal. However, he was able to win with the bare minimum.

He scored the only goal of the match Edison Flores At 17 in the first half after a bad rejection from the opposing defense. Beyond the result, it is possible to highlight Marcos LopezWhich was the most dangerous in the left sector. The low players were Sergio Peña, Piero Quispi and Gianluca Lapadola. The latter missed a penalty kick in the 48th minute.

Minute 48: Peru missed a penalty kick! Gianluca Lapadola was unable to increase the score. The striker hit the ball down the middle and the shot was blocked by the El Salvador goalkeeper.

The striker hit the middle and the goalkeeper was able to shoot the ball. (Video: Movistar Deportes)

Minute 17: Goooooooooool from Peru! Edison Flores scored with a unique maneuver from the heart of the opponent’s area. All this after a bad rejection by El Salvador’s defence.

The midfielder opened the scoring for the Peruvian team in a preparatory duel. (Video: Movistar Deportes)

Peru: Gallese; Zambrano, Abram, Araujo, Advincula; Lopez, Cartagena, Peña, Quispe; Flowers, Lapadula.

Savior: Gonzalez. Benitez, Cruz, Flores, Cyprian; Clavell, Martinez, Firman, Menjivar; Oriana, Larin.

There are a lot of expectations about whatBicolor“, given that they drew 0-0 in their last appearance Paraguay, in Lima. This also affected the fact that there was not a single shot on the opponent’s goal throughout the match, and the offensive separation was very clear.

Lapadula is one of Peru’s undisputed strikers. – Credit: FPF

In any case, ordinary Peruvians decided to blindly support them Fossati In their decisions and formations with the team, which still does not have specific players in the Copa America, although there are some players that they take for granted: Pedro Galese, Carlos Zambrano And Gianluca Lapadola.

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For this part, Savior He arrives at the FIFA friendly match in a new look after winning his match against Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (3-1) in front of his country. 2026 qualifiers Breaking a bad streak of two years without wins. The technician David Donega He will try to rebuild his team without nearly a dozen key players, including Kevin Santamaria and Darwin Serin.

El Salvador is training in Maryland in preparation for facing Peru. – Credit: Spread

The channels that will broadcast the match in Peru are: Movistar Sports (wires), America TV (open signal) and vehicle (open signal). While in El Salvador you can see it TCS Joe And Channel 4.

And also a website Peru information He will be responsible for covering compliance through digital monitoring that will contain a preview, minute-by-minute and summary with various clips.

A few days before the match against Savior And the beginning Copa America 2024the Peruvian team represents an unexpected and obligatory loss: the loss of a midfielder Renato TapiaHe left the team due to disagreements with the Peruvian Football Federation as a result of obtaining a work policy that would protect him in the event of any setback.

In this case the coach Jorge Fossati He had to accept the deletion of the number “14” even though he made it clear at all times that it was an essential part of his matrix scheme: “It seems that the arguments I gave him were not enough to change his decision. I respect them, they are not children. But there are rules “There are certain things that have to be followed here, and you have every right to think differently and do things your way. This means that we do not take that into account in the Copa America.”

Renato Tapia, Peruvian captain. – Credit: Getty Images

What now remains for the strategist Peru It is to locate the closest alternatives so that wall Do not be surprised. Without going too far, footballers are available Wilder Cartagena And Jesus CastilloWhich is highly rated by the technical leadership. Only one of them will play with Renato in the United States while the rest will wait for their chance.

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Denying qualities Renato As a footballer, it may seem silly on my part, but I think we have to be ready to solve problems and not walk away. “A month ago, I dropped another important player, Uton, but one has to look for solutions immediately,” the coach explained.

The national team coach said that he spoke with the player, but there was not enough. (Video: Movistar Deportes)