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Match summary: Lyon vs Pachuca (4-0) The goals

Match summary: Lyon vs Pachuca (4-0) The goals

The definition he did not find last Monday in view of Chivasin a losing game, I found her tonight he Lyon Club Against Pachuca, the team I only need 28 minutes to defeat 4-0 and get first win in Opening Championship 2023.

the monster Place the metronome between minutes 21 and 49, with Goals from Ivan Moreno, Steven Barrero, Jesus Angulo and one on end Brian Rubio He took his first units of the season, in a match it was enough for him to only dominate the first half to score a victory.

Ivan Moreno started winning

The match was until the 21st minutewhen Victor Davila sent a cross into the area; dark, Satisfied with the defense, he shot him in the head Sent to save the ball. Goalkeeper Oscar Ostari stretched out, but couldn’t stop the boot from falling.

The clock ticks 45th minute When Ivan Moreno, this time as an assistant, sent a Cross on the left side. I left the ball to barrerowho expected his marker, turned his head away from the ball from my hands Archer from Touzoswhich again can’t do anything 2-0.

The central referee added eight minutes and then 49′ Canelo Angulo back in the area To select a comfortable ballwhich was on his right leg and facing the opposing frame; Sinaloan put a tick 3-0 in favor of La Vieira.

Pachuca rip Supplementary part And At least two clear games To shorten the lead however, between function and poor definition, both opportunities are lost.

Esmeraldas manages to stop the visitors from reacting And from the 60th minute They cooled the gameI managed to win before Tuzoswho did not win at Opening Championship 2023 affiliate MX League.

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Added in the last minute, Brian Rubio He found himself with the ball on the edge of the area and in front of Oscar Ostari marked the departure of the Argentine goalkeeper to put 4-0 final.