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Marcel Ozuna matches Mark Hank Aaron with Atlanta

Marcel Ozuna matches Mark Hank Aaron with Atlanta

At 34 years old, he appears to be the P.M Ozuna Not so in 2023, where he displayed totals of 70 extra base hits and 100 RBIs. That year he compiled an offensive frequency of .274/.346/.558, the result of 145 hits in 144 games.

Going back to last weekend’s game, he scored two goals on three at-bats, scoring two more. In this way, he added the numbers 39 and 40 for the year 2024 respectively, thus being included in a selected list that tops the legend. Hank Aaron.

Marcell Ozuna’s history with the Atlanta Braves

Marcel Ozuna He now has 40 RBIs in 37 games this season. Ozuna He is the player Brave That’s the fastest up to 40 products in a campaign since then Hank Aaron 1970 (34 matches)».

Under 40 RBIs Games:

  • 1970: Hank Aaron, 34 games.
  • 1959: Hank Aaron, 34 games.
  • 2024: Marcel Ozuna, 37 games.
  • 1961: Hank Aaron, 39 games.
  • 1930: Wally Berger, 39 games.

With this action, Quisqueyan Marcel Ozuna Drive everything Major League Baseball (MLB) At home (12) and on visits (40). In this way he proved that he can be a key player in Tahalat Atlanta Braves To lead the Eastern Division of the National League and thus win the long-awaited cup World Series.

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So far, he has an offensive average of .326 and an astronomical OPS of 1.042.