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Anthony Edwards achieved an unheralded milestone

Anthony Edwards achieved an unheralded milestone

So far a phenomenon Anthony Edwards He records unique numbers in the history of the NBA playoffs.

A set of Minnesota Timberwolves Last Sunday, May 12, he suffered his second defeat in a row against his similar counterpart Denver Nuggets. The home team fell 115-107, and the series was tied (2-2). However, the best scorer in the match was the star of the losing team. Anthony Edwards.

Anthony Edwards is one of a kind in the NBA playoffs

After such a great performance before Anthony Edwards In the fourth game of the series against Denver, he compiled numbers never seen before in league history. The 22-year-old’s lifetime averages (per game) in the playoffs are 29.8 points, 50.8% on field goals and 40.3% on three-point baskets. It’s never happened before in the postseason NBA At least one player scored 20 PPG, 50% FG, and 40% 3PT.

for now Anthony Edwards He participated in 19 playoff games. He also averaged 5.4 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 83.2% free throws per game in that state. The two-time All Star and No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 draft is not only an impressive player with unique skills, but coupled with that immense talent is great effectiveness.

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This was the fourth game with a score of 40 or more points Anthony Edwards In the playoff round, the second he has achieved this year. In six other challenges, he scored at least 30 points, and in five challenges he reached more than 20 points. Only in four matches did he reach 20 cards.

The 44 points he scored against him Denver Last Sunday was his best of the postseason. On three occasions, he has nine rebounds in a playoff game and his maximum number of assists is eight, which was accomplished the previous year vs. Phoenix Suns. There are many specialists and fans who compare its capabilities and drive Anthony Edwards With the legend Michael Jordan.