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Machado penalizes Scherzer with 2 HR and Padres win series vs.  mets

Machado penalizes Scherzer with 2 HR and Padres win series vs. mets

SAN DIEGO — Manny Machado hit a pair of home runs from Max Scherzer and drove in five runs for the Padres, who got six runs off Joe Musgrove to beat the New York Mets 6-2 on Sunday to win two-of-three by the A’s. A series between two highly paid teams, but with performances below expectations.

Both Ninety Nines met in the bottom of their respective division with an identical mark of 42-47. The Padres are heading into the All-Star break with five wins in six games, while the Mets have won two in a row after their best six-game winning streak.

The Mets and Padres have not lived up to the enormous expectations that their huge salaries generate. After 101 wins and a wild card elimination against the Padres, the New York team has spent $360 million. The Padres, who made it to the NLCS, have the third highest payroll at nearly $250 million.

The Padres attacked Scherzer (8-3) early, handing him his first loss since May 3 in Detroit.

Musgrove (8-2) faced the Mets for the first time since winning the deciding game of the Wild-Card Series on October 9 with a seven-run shutout and one strikeout in New York.

For the Mets, Puerto Rico Francisco Lindor 4-1. Venezuelan Francisco Alvarez, 3-0.

For the Padres, Dominican Fernando Tatis Jr. 4-2, scored twice; and Gary Sanchez 4-1, with a scoring run. Venezuelan Rugend Odor, 3-0.

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