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El grandeliga mostró su fuerza al instante / Foto: César Suárez

LVBP: Ronald Acuna Jr. takes home a game against Magallanes (+VIDEO) | 123

Ronald Acuna Jr. anticipated his debut plans and made his debut as a pinch hitter, in the confrontation between Tiburones de la Guaira and Navigantes del Magallanes in Valencia. In the top of the eighth inning, he came on to take an inning, replacing Israel Pineda with two men on base. Face the jar of Turks, Anthony Vizcaya.

On the second pitch of the inning, Acuña Jr. launched Massive drive through midfield to bring lane runners to the plate. That home run put the score 8-1 in favor of the Salty side temporarily.

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Live match broadcast

This is his first appearance His debut came in style with his first hit in the form of a home run at Estadio Jose Bernardo Perez in Valencia.

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