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"It hurts a lot in the heads of the players."

“It hurts a lot in the heads of the players.”

DOHA – For Gerardo Martino, Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia takes its toll on the Mexican players. “It is not the same to see Saudi Arabia as Argentina at the top of Group C.”

And he explains that this result, which “affects a lot in the minds of the players,” does not mean that unusual changes will be made in their preparation plan {to confront the Albiceleste team and finally the Arabian Peninsula.

“Undoubtedly for the players as well as the coaching staff, the way they see the group and the upcoming games is changing, but you don’t have to make extraordinary changes to work on it,” Tata said.

Martino also said that they deserved to win the match.

“It was a game where we looked better in the first half. We definitely deserve to have some kind of advantage. In the second half the game was even, the penalty kick opportunity comes to Poland, Guillermo Ochoa saves it, but overall we should have won the game.”

He explains that it is necessary to find strength, especially because of the opportunities the opponent allows.

“We need to be more efficient, in order to decide which goal options will be created. It’s not that we’re going to create 15 chances to score two goals. We had two in the first half and one in the second half, and we need to keep an eye on them in order to control the game later on.” .

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For the rest, he admits he is satisfied, especially with regard to the high performance points of the players.

“We lacked embodiment in the three goal chances we had. Good in intensity, in controlling the game. In the second half, our attacks were more isolated. I think we lacked more reach in the set,” Martino commented.

And he confirms that for him, in his claims, seeing Argentina at the bottom of the group and Saudi Arabia at the top, does not imply major changes.

“It doesn’t change my plans to play against Argentina. We have to play some kind of party. What seemed like a final at the start of the group stage ends up being a final in every game for both of us in this (C) group.”

In response to a question from the Argentine media about his nationality and the fact that he could bury the aspirations of the Albiceleste, Martino noted: “It can happen (that he eliminates the Albiceleste), it’s possibilities for this profession, but we think about Mexico’s well-being and we will try to do the best in that match.”