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Luis Malagón, nothing less than America's new goalkeeper;  Ochoa does not renew the first half

Luis Malagón, nothing less than America’s new goalkeeper; Ochoa does not renew the first half

Mexico City /

The novel of Guillermo Ochoa’s renewal with America seems endlessSo at Coapa they’ve already started Plan B.

It turns out that Necaxa goalkeeper Luis Malagón, He is already tied with the EaglesSo he’ll be your new ranger, absent an official announcement.

The 25-year-old goalkeeper had already come to terms with the blue creams And he will have his first adventure with a team of the alleged greats in the MX League.

The young goalkeeper established himself with Rayos, earning him to be part of the players who won the bronze medal at Tokyo 202, So the Azulcremas signed a safe player under the three sticks.

It should be noted that Fernando Otiz, the strategist at Águilas, said last week that he is confident of renewing the Paco Memo, but that they have Pan B in case it does not materialize.

Did you already inform Ochoa America?

At the end of the week, the goalkeeper, who was active with the Mexican national team at Qatar 2022, He had reported at Coapa after his days off.

However, Memo did not renew with Águilas, so the leadership headed by Santiago Baños was forced to sign Luis Malagón, who would join Memo and scar Jiménez.

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