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The exact position of Paris Saint-Germain with Mbappe and Messi in the World Cup final

The exact position of Paris Saint-Germain with Mbappe and Messi in the World Cup final

And thehe is psg He is the envy of any club in the world. In the final of the World Cup between Argentina s France He will have representatives, and therefore always wins. In addition to, Duel stars between Mbappe and MessiHowever, two companions make all the floodlights also point to the Parque de los Príncipes.

to me l’quipeAt PSG, they approach this issue very carefully and are careful in all their communications. Something that will also be extended depending on the outcome of the final, as there will be only one winner and therefore one loser. internally from the club They insisted on a consistent and clear idea: “It’s great to have two finalists, But they are not in competition.”

Because according to the resultAnd Paris Saint-Germain channels They will convey what happened and will be able to do it in both languages ​​of the winners. This way, everyone will be aware of what it will be interaction From Paris Saint-Germain to what is happening in Qatar.

“They don’t compete with each other.”They remember from Paris Saint-Germain. Although it is inevitable that Mbappe or Messi will be the king, only one will be the king and in this case he will return to the club after playing in the World Cup. And the situation will not be easy and simple to manage. President of Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al-Khulaifi Present in Qatar made clear what his impossible wish was for this World Cup: “If I could, I would give the World Cup to both of them.”

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The best thing that could happen is that Paris Saint-Germain, with an ultimate dream, with two of its great stars, except Neymarpresent at that party. It is a contained joy, because there will be a loser and they will have to deal with that in the best way because defeat would be a severe setback for any of their world class superstars.