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Lionel calls on the government to explain the “disappearance and kidnapping” RD |  AlMomento.net

Lionel calls on the government to explain the “disappearance and kidnapping” RD | AlMomento.net

Partial view of an action led by Leonel Fernandez on Saturday in the municipality of Guaira.

Leonel Fernandez said while taking the oath in this municipality.

“We understood that there are kidnappings on the other side of the border, but not here in the Dominican Republic, and most of all, the most serious kidnappings, against which the government does not say a word: for the first time our children have disappeared in the Dominican Republic, and their whereabouts are unknown.”

Today, he added, Dominicans “pure and simple are disappearing from the face of the earth.”

He said that Popular Force would start a movement to demand that the government explain to the country “what is happening with the disappearance of young people in the Dominican Republic, which we will not accept under any circumstances.”

Fernandez’s Words in Act Here was produced in a continuation of FP’s organic structures growth process, which aims to reach two million affiliates.

Here I swear in a new group of former leaders of other political entities of the country.

oath of office

Fernández was sworn in by the political entity headed by Cristian Berroa, former mayoral candidate for prime minister; Marisol Santana, current councilor of the Liberal Labor Party (PAL).

And also to PRM Youth President (until today), Eliezer Lanoi; Leo Peralta, Ramon Martinez, former consultant Pedro Julio Moreno, businessman Rafael Andrés Senna, Rafael Guillermo Castro and Rodolfo Rocha, all from PRM.

Former leader of the Democratic Liberation Party, Ana Ramona Santos, also joined Fuerza del Pueblo; Businessmen Jose Papatera, Juan Eladio Zapata and Alfredo Aquino, among others.

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