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Danilo Diaz asks PLD leaders to report cases of ‘pre-marked ballots’

Danilo Diaz asks PLD leaders to report cases of ‘pre-marked ballots’

Danilo Díaz, delegate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) to the Central Electoral Council, together with Danilo Medina, recommended that delegates and surrogates of the aforementioned organization in polling stations and electoral districts, as well as leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party, inform the Central Electoral Council. Many pre-tagged ballot instances.

“He advised them to reach out to them to resolve this issue and appoint someone to replace the college president with the delegates or appoint someone to review the ballots,” Diaz said.

In the county seat of María Auxiliadora, in the neighborhood of San Juan Bosco, in the National Region, the former President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, denounced that in Greater Santo Domingo there had been purchases of identity cards, as well as the installation of missionary tents. Disguised as the Dominican Red Cross.

The General Secretariat for Election Affairs warned of multiple reports that require extreme care in marking ballot papers, as it was found that the marks pass through the paper and can affect the remaining papers if they are marked with other papers below.

He also called on voters to vote, pointing out that there are two directions, one representing the ruling party, and the other representing the opposition.

He expressed that those who did not go to vote preferred one of the two models, stressing the importance of exercising the right granted by the Constitution to choose who will manage the state treasury.