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Whose monster is this?

Whose monster is this?

CubitaNOW write ~ Sunday, June 25, 2023

The stunning and luxurious red Chevrolet Camaro caused astonishment and disbelief among the residents of Holguín, who were not used to seeing cars of this type driving around the city streets.

In a video shared on social media, the driver is shown accelerating the car as several motorcyclists look on in astonishment.

Within a few hours, the article went viral while many wondered how a car of this type could have entered Cuba and what its owner did to obtain it.

Someone overheard in the video asks: “Who’s this beast knight?”

Recently, a complaint was made public of a Cuban citizen who paid 43,000 MLC (Freely Convertible Currency) for a 2009 Toyota Yaris at the only agency in the country authorized to sell cars in this currency, affiliated with CIMEX.

The person who bought the car deplored its terrible state of preservation, that he had to acquire it without being able to inspect it beforehand, and when he had it with him, he discovered that it was “corroded underneath”.

“To all Cubans who want to buy cars. At the 20 and Primera dealership in Havana, they don’t let you check it, they don’t give you a drop of petrol and they’re all rotten underneath. I bought a 2009 Toyota Yaris, I brought it east, and when I checked it, everything is rotten, Rusty iron chips fell off, it costs 43,000 milliliters, I would like someone to guide me and who can I complain to. What number can I call? I am making it public so that they do not go through what I am facing and the biggest scam they are doing in that agency,” he warned.

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The Cuban received dozens of comments, including an expert alert: “Friend, hand it over, listen to me, I’m a mechanic, this isn’t worth it, that car is rotten all over, ask for your money back.”

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