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“These government polls can put us at 0 and in 2024 we will win” |  Listin Diario

“These government polls can put us at 0 and in 2024 we will win” | Listin Diario

The presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party, Abel Martinez, has expressed that despite the fact that polls place the opposition party lower than the ruling party, They will win the 2024 elections.

“From the poll that the government bought, we don’t expect anything, those polls that the government pays for can put us at zero and in 2024 we will win,” Martinez said.

Similarly, the candidate said that while the government is focused on misleading the people, They focus on work.

“The chaos that exists today in the Dominican Republic, the result of an impromptu and ineffective government, will change when we change the government and the PLD is clear about the next target:Support the people and win in 2024.

These words were uttered by Martínez before starting a rally against the high cost of living in Santo Domingo Norte, accompanied by the mayoral candidates of that demarcation.

He also expressed the march in favor Dominicans and the people that he “now feels the despair of having a government that has given up everything, a government that has brought chaos and anarchy.”

“Young people need opportunities, and the Dominican people need calm and order. This is what we in the Democratic Liberation Party will do, together with the people, with the resounding victory of the Dominican Liberation Party in the elections of 2024,” Martinez added.

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