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you do not know?  These are the regulatory measurements for hand luggage if you are traveling by plane

you do not know? These are the regulatory measurements for hand luggage if you are traveling by plane

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Many travelers who usually make their trips in a manner Backpacker And what are they looking for Memorizes On plane tickets by not documenting baggage, they often have doubts What type of suitcase or backpack can fit in the cabin without this representing an additional expense, conform to regulatory measures.

Although this questioning also comes from those who take short trips and only consider taking hand bagThis is what is allowed 10 kilograms Therefore, it is important to anticipate this information as specified by the national airlines; Although there are some metal structures where you can measure your suitcase or backpack before boarding, it’s best to know this before you leave home to avoid surprises.

What is the right size of hand baggage for air travel?

National airlines offer cheaper flights when baggage is not checked, but for this to apply, your hand bag must meet some formalities so that it does not get passed into the cargo hold and you end up paying more than expected. Measurements In general, regardless of the airline, the weight should not exceed 10 kilograms and the dimensions should not be more than 55 x 40 x 25 cm.Whether or not it has wheels, so it can be easily slotted into the overhead compartments in the passenger compartment or under the seat.

For safety and convenience, these procedures should be followed / Image: Unsplash

Items that you cannot carry in hand luggage

If you also have doubts about things you can’t carry in your hand baggage, that will help you when packing, it usually depends on the airline, but very generally it’s sharp objects, firearms, bladed weapons, lighters, personal items, care sprays such as deodorant or hair spray, as well as flammable liquids and pressurized containers; Also remember that if you are carrying liquids, your container is only 100 milliliters and in total you can carry 10 liters and complete with one liter, but each one must be secured in a re-sealable bag.

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