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The Canary Islands will send a grant of 300,000 euros to people from Pinar del Rio affected by Hurricane Ian.

The Canary Islands will send a grant of 300,000 euros to people from Pinar del Rio affected by Hurricane Ian.

The authorities of the government of the Canary Islands, an autonomous region of Spain, announced this week that they will donate at least 300,000 euros through grants to the victims of Hurricane Ian, in 2022, in the Cuban province of Pinar del Rio.

Hurricane Ian, which reached category five in the Atlantic Ocean and caused devastation in the southeastern United States, also left a trail of destruction in Cuba, where it made landfall on September 27, 2022, with winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. The hurricane also caused power outages on the island, flooding, material damage, and at least three deaths in the westernmost part of the island.

After this situation, this week the government of the Canary Islands consent Emergency humanitarian aid of €300,000 for the Casa de los Pueblos Social Association of the Canary Islands in Cuba, which will be responsible for procuring and dispatching medical supplies from Gran Canaria to Cuban municipalities affected by Ian’s passage. The assistance was approved on humanitarian grounds and will be processed going forward.

Financial aid from the Canary Islands to Cuba

They explained that the economic aid would be used, above all, for the purchase of medical supplies, which would be transported from Gran Canaria to Havana and from there to the nearby province of Pinar del Río, where donations would be distributed to those who are mostly. affected by the hurricane in that area.

They will also help with housing, agriculture, electricity and telephone systems and other infrastructure in the 11 Cuban municipalities in Pinar del Rio that have been affected. The number of destroyed or nearly destroyed homes was over one hundred thousand, for a total of 47,000 casualties.

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Recently, the United Nations also recalled the millions of dollars it gave to the island after Hurricane Ian passed through Pinar del Rio. They also donated more money, in dollars, to those affected by the rains and floods that occurred a few weeks ago, from Camaguey to Guantanamo.