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“Student whose hand was amputated in San Pedro de Macory regained mobility in some fingers” |  daily menu

“Student whose hand was amputated in San Pedro de Macory regained mobility in some fingers” | daily menu

The 15-year-old, whose left hand was amputated 19 days ago after leaving a high school in San Pedro de Macoris, received a medical discharge Monday after surgical readmission and rehabilitation.

All this time, the young man was taken care of by the surgical unit of the Salvador P. Gautier Hospital and after care that included Partner first aid who later expresses a desire to become a doctor, has achieved an improvement that now allows him to move some of his fingers.

“We can say that so far the hand has been replanted, and even some fingers have already moved. There is still a lot to do, it’s one step at a time, now we have to take care of our hands,” said Armando Jose Holguin, director of the hospital.

Likewise, the doctor Severe Mercedes, who runs the surgical unit, stated that the percentage of recovery of hand movement will depend entirely on the specific development of the patient, who already has a fixed appointment two days from now; However, world statistics say that who 60 to 70 percent can recover.

In this particular case, Mercedes confirmed that the service feels good, because the oximetry, which it referred to as the arrival of oxygen at the fingertips, is one hundred percent, an indicator of evolutionary well-being.

“We are satisfied because the oximeter, which is the level of oxygen that reaches the fingertips, is 100 percent and this guarantees us that if the patient complies with his duties and the signals that we will give, the results will be lengthening,” he affirmed.

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The victim’s mother, Anna Santana, expressed her feeling “happy” at the support she received from the medical center and the blessed operation her son exhausted to get better.

Preventive prison

The family also said it was in full agreement with the one-year pretrial detention imposed on an assumed name. Juan Manuel SedanoNick name “how muchOne of the suspects in what happened.