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The Brazilian delegation conducts a scientific-cultural exchange at Biobío managed by Cs.  UdeC Biological

The Brazilian delegation conducts a scientific-cultural exchange at Biobío managed by Cs. UdeC Biological

This Monday, May 6th is an experience Scientific cultural exchange between Chile and Brazil 2024the project he is promoting Center for Advanced Microscopy (CMA) BioBio, affiliated with Faculty of Biological Sciences (FCB) UdeC And the Municipality of Murici, Brazil.

In the Dr. Hilda Seid Hall of the Dr. Juan Carlos Vera Bioengineering Building of FCB UdeC, a welcoming ceremony was held for a group of 10 students from Brazil, accompanied by Mayor of Morrissey, Olavo Netothe DrDirector of the Morrissey Language School, Sybille de LimaIn addition to teachers and delegation companions.

And so are the authorities University of Concepcion Such as the Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and Linkages with the Environment (Vrim UdeC), Dr. Ximena Gaucher, the Director of International Relations (DRI UdeC), Dr. Yasna Pereira Reyes and the Director of Academic Guidance, Dr. Claudio Jiménez.

One of the driving minds behind this project is… Scientific Director of the Center for Advanced Microscopy (CMA) BioBio, Dr. Francisco Noalart Santander, evaluated the case.

“Two years ago, the Morrisi Language School in Brazil approached us to manage this experiment. For this reason, we proposed to coordinate the activities so that the students enhance their learning of the Spanish language and at the same time allow them to immerse themselves in the world of microscopy, thanks to the high-level equipment and technology that CMA Biobío possesses. . In fact, this visit reinforces one of the goals of the CMA, which is to connect with the community and perhaps tomorrow we will have new students and scholars from Brazil,” commented FCB Academician and CMA Director Biobío.

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For his part, the Mayor of Morrissey thanked Cs College. Biology and to the University of Concepcion for its confidence in this linking project between the academy, the municipality and its students.

“We will ensure that this cooperation continues to grow with one of the most important universities in Chile, which has a community of about 30,000 students, which is equivalent to the population of Morrissey. Today, this allows our students to immerse themselves in the world of science through the experience of academics from Specialized centers such as CMA Biobío.

Enhancing learning with experiences

The delegation of young people aged 13 to 15 years will be in Gran Concepcion for about two weeks, where they will learn about the culture, territory and university work in the Biobio area thanks to guided tours of the Pedro del Río Zanarto Park Museum, Isidora Cousiño Park in Lota, among other sites.

Likewise, these visits include tours of the Central Campus of the University of Concepcion, where they can learn about the history and foundations of the century-old Benquista Foundation.

In this sense, as part of the programmed activities, young people will visit the UdeC Arch, the symbolic Campanil and other facilities of the University. Faculty of Sciences. biological as Center for Advanced Microscopy, he Neurobiology and Stem Cell Laboratory (NeuroCellT), Physiology Laboratory, and Microbiology Laboratory And the Marine Biology Station of the Department of Oceanography UdeC In Deschateau.