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They enhance the taste for science in primary school students –

They enhance the taste for science in primary school students –

As part of the anniversary celebration Boys and girls dayhe Baccalaureate 21 Follower University of ColimaCampus TecomanThe second edition of the “Boy and Girl in Science” exhibition, which targeted students of Al-Istiqlal Primary School, was held in the morning period, at the city’s municipal headquarters. armory.

Adrian Ceballos Lopez, director of Baccalaureate 21, commented that the topic of this edition was environment. The idea was to promote meaningful learning among the participating children.

Boys and girls watched an exhibition of Plant tissue Which should be considered in microscopes, notes of recyclable solids, classification and proper separation of recyclable solid waste and the process of plant germination and aftercare mainly.

High school students and teachers participated in this event.

Arantza Rincon Casillas, a student on campus and participant in this exhibition, said she was happy to participate in this activity for the first time: “It is something very important for us, to be able to share the knowledge we learned in the classroom with them and thus leave them a little learning,” she said. In addition to motivating them in this case to know the importance of caring for the environment.

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