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SpaceX has introduced the new suit for its next mission, which is to explore Mars

SpaceX has introduced the new suit for its next mission, which is to explore Mars

The EVA suit is designed to provide greater mobility and comfort for astronauts, and incorporates new materials and an innovative design that allows for better flexibility in pressurized environments.

In February 2022, Polaris program By Jared Isaacman with SpaceX, an initiative aimed at promoting the development of human spaceflight technology and contributing to important issues on Earth. The first task of this program Polaris DawnIt is scheduled to be launched into orbit no later than Summer 2024.

During a five-day mission, the crew will carry out the mission First Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Directly from the ship the Dragon to SpaceX – The first time a commercial spacewalk has been carried out. next to, This will be the first time that four astronauts go into space at the same time.

For this mission, SpaceX developed Advanced EVA suit,Evolution of suits In-Vehicle Activity (IVA) Which are used in current manned missions the Dragon.

This EVA suit is specially designed for Providing greater mobility and comfort for astronautsnew materials were included Innovative design Which enables Better flexibility in pressurized environments. Includes a 3D printed helmet With a visor that reduces glare and contains a vertical display system (Head-up display, HUD) and one Camera that monitors vital data Such as pressure, temperature, and relative humidity inside the suit.

In addition, the suit has been improved to increase safety Includes additional seals and pressure valves This ensures proper pressure for the suit, which is essential for the safety of the crew during spacewalks.

Spacesuit development has evolved significantly since the early days of cosmic exploration (SpaceX).

These innovations make the suit Eve Part of a Modular designAdapt to different body types and facilitate mass production. This feature is essential, since SpaceX It aims to expand access to space to more people.

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despite of Polaris Dawn It will mark the first appearance of an EVA suit SpaceX In low Earth orbit, the long-term goal of this design is more ambitious: it aims to support the establishment of bases on the Moon and eventually cities on Mars, as part of an effort to make human life on multiple planets a reality. . This massive project will require the development of millions of these spacesuits to facilitate future space exploration.

the program Polaris It represents a major advance in manned space exploration. This project whose name is inspired by famous people Pole StarIt symbolizes the effort to develop human knowledge and capabilities beyond the boundaries of the Earth. At the same time maintaining a commitment to fundraising and raising awareness about critical issues on our planet.

With a plan to carry out three manned space missions, Polaris program It aims to demonstrate emerging technologies and conduct detailed research that will benefit future space exploration, including missions to space Moon and Mars. The initiative will start the mission Polaris DawnWhich will take off on a rocket Falcon 9 to SpaceX From Launch Complex 39A in Kennedy Space Centerlocated in Florida.

During a flight lasting up to five days in orbit, the mission will be completed Polaris Dawn It will attempt to reach the highest orbit the mission has ever achieved the Dragon. This phase of the program will include a series of critical activities, such as conducting space walk, Support scientific research aimed at improving understanding of human health both on Earth and in the context of future long-duration space missions. next to, This mission will be the first to test laser-based communications in space through the Starlink network.

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Four highly qualified members make up the crewwho combine their experience, knowledge and passion for space exploration to advance humanity’s goal of space exploration.

  • Jared Isaacman will be Mission Commander– Brings spaceflight experience, leadership, and deep commitment to space exploration.
  • Scott Poteet He takes charge Mission pilot: With extensive knowledge of aviation and space operations that are critical to mission success.
  • Sarah Gillis, Mission Specialist– Provides technical expertise and experience to significantly contribute to mission objectives.
  • Anna Menonin the dual role of Mission Specialist and Medical Officer: He combines his biomedical engineering experience with basic medical skills to ensure the well-being and safety of the crew during the mission.
One of the most notable features of the new Eva suit is its 3D-printed helmet, which is equipped with a visor designed to reduce sun glare (SpaceX)
  • Reaching an unprecedented height: Use the missile’s capabilities to the maximum Falcon 9 And the capsule the Dragon, Polaris Dawn Intend to fly higher than any mission the Dragon above, to reach the highest Earth orbit ever recorded. When rotating around the radiation belt areas of Van AllenResearch will be conducted aimed at better understanding the effects of space radiation and spaceflight on human health.
  • Conducting the first commercial spacewalk: At approximately 700 kilometers above Earth, the crew will perform the first commercial extravehicular activity (Eve) in the spacesuits I developed SpaceX. This suit is an evolution of the current suit for use inside vehicles (Value added tax), includes major improvements such as increased mobility, and a helmet with a front screen (Hood), and a modern camera, necessary for the development of bases on the moon and cities on Mars.
  • Innovation in satellite communications: Polaris Dawn It will test, for the first time in space, laser-based communications com. starlinkWhich will provide important data for developing communications systems in future space missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond.
  • Promoting health research in space: The crew will conduct scientific studies in order to improve understanding of human health both on Earth and in long-duration space missions. This includes the use of ultrasound to detect venous air embolisms, space radiation data collection, multi-omics analysis of biological samples, and research into spaceflight-associated neuro-ocular syndrome (SANS).
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SpaceX And Polaris Dawn They will cooperate with different institutions such as Translational Research Institute for Space Health Trish, BioServe Space Technologies From the University of Colorado Boulder, and other prestigious research centers to conduct these studies.