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LeBron James is a star in blocking today

LeBron James is a star in blocking today

the National Basketball AssociationOnce again, he amazed all the fans with another amazing day. In total, eight games were played, most notably the Oklahoma City Thunder against the San Antonio Spurs and Washington Wizards against Los Angeles Lakers. They both stand out on a few blocks by rookie Victor Wimpanyama and the established player LeBron James.

On this occasion, we will focus on what he did.”King JamesThe match was held between the Wizards and Lakers crypto.com arena It was one of the most exciting nights on March 1st. Firstly, because it is where the most points were scored (265) and because of the incredible play of the Lakers' No. 23.

It should be noted that it was one of the matches with the highest number of goals, and the winner had to be decided in extra time. Specifically, in the last five minutes of the game where LeBron James He stood out even more with his amazing defence.

LeBron James starred in the night's play

«“King James” He once again showed his speed as he walked down the court and his ability to time his opponent and jump at the right moment. With 3:47 minutes left to play in overtime, Ft Los Angeles Lakers He combined his team's offense with the mission of bringing them closer on the scoreboard (131-128). Davis created a block and as soon as he left, the defense did a two-on-one, however, LeBron James He tried to help his colleague with a pass between the legs of one of his opponents. But the ball hit Davis' right foot, resulting in the loss.

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Al-Qaeda Tyus Jones From Wizards he took the ball and passed it to Jordan Paul, who quickly attacked the rim to end the play with a dunk. However, she did not have a good setback LeBron Jameswho ascended to the sky immediately after doing the double step, and starred in one of the night's plays with astonishing mass.

In repetition we can see how Mosques You step in with your left hand to tell him “no” To Paul. The rest is history, after several sets of LeBron James And Anthony Davis They completed the comeback with a score of 131-134.

Standouts on the court are Jordan Poole and Marvin Bagley III for the Wizards. In fonts 34/3/7 and 23/4/1. As for LakersDavis contributed 40 points, 15 rebounds, and four assists, while, LeBron JamesHe contributed 31 points, four rebounds and nine assists.

Wizards vs. Lakers left strange data

In addition to a great night for both teams, it also provided two highlights, one negative and one positive. victory Los Angeles Lakers This was the Wizards' 12th straight loss in February. So they didn't win a single game all month. Finally 31 goals LeBron James, which leaves him only nine points away from the modest 40,000 points he scored during his career. Data from Basketball Reference.

He is likely to make history in the next match on Saturday, March 2, against the Denver Nuggets, in the league crypto.com arena.