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“That's a lie. I never said it.”

“That's a lie. I never said it.”


Leo Messi He does not usually appear on social media to confirm whether news about him is true or false. However, if you touch your wife Antonella Roccuzzo Or his three kids, he gets serious.

The Salvadoran asked Messi for the shirt after the Galaxy and Inter Miami match: “No, I will not give it to you.”

This is what happened on Friday. Captain Inter Miami He came out with a post on Instagram categorically denying the information.

Argentine media published the phrase “fake” from Messi About his son Matthew Which was already spreading. “There are many academies in America that wanted to sign Mateo, but I registered him in Miami. “He is talented and I think he has a similar style to me when I was young.”

But the world champion did not let go of the matter and answered briefly, clearly and forcefully: “That is a lie, I never said that.”

Coming from one of the best footballers in the world and with millions of followers on social media, there's no need to say more.

What is true is that Thiago And Matthew It is formed in a quarry Inter Miamibut Messi He never mentioned that there were other academies behind his children and that they had a similar playing style to his when he was a boy.

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