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“La Yuca River washed away homes and properties in Sabana Perdida” |  Daily menu

“La Yuca River washed away homes and properties in Sabana Perdida” | Daily menu

Desperation and the desire to see the intervention of the authorities is the general feeling that has gripped the residents of the Presa del Este sector, in Sabana Perdida, Santo Domingo Norte, since the rains that fell on Saturday caused the La Yuca River to overflow.

More than 25 homes sank under the clearly polluted waters of the Yucca River, in support of the testimonies of dozens of those affected who confirm that what was not removed by the fall of more than 400 milliliters of rain, the current took it with its unstoppable rise.

According to testimonies, this is the first time in many years that they have seen the water rise to this level, so they were surprised when at around 10 pm on Saturday evening they heard the alarm sound and ran for cover.

“I left the house and the water was up to my knees, and we couldn’t find what to do or how to get out,” admitted Nicole del Rosario, pointing to her house, where, above the creek pollution, only the layer of zinc covering the roof could be seen. “I was afraid, and the girl was too. We had never seen anything like this before.”

A forgotten sector

With undeniable resignation and disappointment, dozens of people, including children, adults and the elderly, have been monitoring the area, which included a main street in the Strip, since the weekend, when more than 400 milliliters were recorded. The water fell, waiting for one of the voices they raised with the aim of convincing the authorities to appear and make the desired impact.

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“No one came here, you are the first. Neither the mayor nor anyone from the government. This is a forgotten sector, and in the meantime, we are trying to survive close to friends,” said Anistine Medina, who lives in her mother-in-law’s house and stressed that she was prepared. And the neighbors and family who help us.” She then looked for a new place next to her, because the rising waters brought her to the door of her shelter.

At the moment, other neighbors on the side have already piled up their deals, not knowing how much higher the flow can continue, which, in addition to houses, has covered businesses from which it is impossible to recover anything.

What is lost?

The anguish that knocked on the door of the residents of Brisa del Este does not leave them. In specific cases, there are those who manage to take out small things that, under the pressure of the moment, were more necessary in the event of a situation like the one they found themselves in: huddled in other people’s homes, with nothing.

I could only take off my clothes and hope to go out with my three children. Everything in the house is lost. “Stove, beds, everything, thank God they suspended school because I couldn’t hope to get a uniform or anything like that,” said Yandy Solano, a single mother of three children, ages 11, 9 and 5.

The majority of those affected, who reported losses ranging from items such as household items, to personal documents, medicines, basic necessities and personal items, in addition to cash, claimed to be people who do not have permanent jobs, and that they “live on luck.”

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“I’m a medical student, and today I’m supposed to have classes, but how can I go if all my tools are there, my gowns, my pajamas, absolutely everything,” said Nicole del Rosario, a nursing student.

Other reports

In the province of Duarte, specifically in the municipalities of Villa Riva and Arinoso, a total of 2,927 families, or more than 10,060 people, were affected by the floods of the Yuna River.

According to reports, 1,602 homes have been left isolated in the municipality of Arenoso alone; They were distributed with 800 in Arenoso, and 30 each in the Los Rincones del Aguacate and Los Tataos del Aguacate sectors; In addition to 10 in Cuba del Aguacate and 250 in Las Coles.

Moreover, 100 families suffered in Los Cacao, in La Ceiba de los Barajos 72, in Los Platanitos 110, in Magagual 80, and in the neighborhood of Los Estudiantes 120.

Meanwhile, in the municipality of Villa Riva, in the Loma Colorada neighborhood, 92 families were left incommunicado, in Juana Rodriguez 70, in Los Peñados 150, and in Los Contreras 142.

In addition, there were 40 houses in Los Reales; While in La Reforma 500 and in Villa Progreso II, La Reforma, 65 families. In the neighborhood of Balaguer, La Reformas, there were 143 people; in it

Paraguay has 73 families and Nuevo Amanicer has 50 families.