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The António Guteras Thermal Power Station is out of service due to a malfunction

The António Guteras Thermal Power Station is out of service due to a malfunction

Center Thermal “Antonio Guteras” The Company de Matanzas, the company with the largest electricity generation in Cuba, left the National Electric Power System (SEN) on Thursday morning to fix some of the “flaws” that were discovered.

According to what he indicated Cuban News Agency (ACN) The plant had to leave SEN to solve the problem of excessive water consumption and work on “other defects that threaten the stability and performance of the plant.”

Rubén Campos Olmo, general manager of the unit, commented that the maintenance will last about 72 hours, and it is expected that more than 20 valves will be worked on and hydraulic and water tests will be carried out.

They will also carry out other “corrective actions” such as cleaning the regenerative air heaters and checking the so-called “red spot” and the boiler interior.

Maintenance must take place within the planned period, although they acknowledge that it may vary according to the complexity of the defects present.

As reported in the official media, thermal energy has been affected in recent days by high water consumption, which has exceeded 40 and even 50 cubic meters per hour.

Only a few hours before the announcement of the departure of Sin de la Gueteras, the Cuban government Presumably over the weekend there was no effect Electricity supply due to a deficit in generation capacity.

In addition, he confirmed that the Electricity Union is designing a “set of measures” to ensure balance with demand in the summer months of next year.

They also affirm that the month of July acted “positively”, which, in their opinion, indicates the “efficiency” of the measures previously adopted with regard to maintenance, repairs and investments in thermal power plants, and they justified once again the unscheduled power outages by “excessive consumption that caused transformer malfunctions,” blaming the residents for the service interruption.

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