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Kylian Mbappe defends Zinedine Zidane after statements by the President of the French Federation

The Paris Saint-Germain striker asked for the respect of the Real Madrid coach as the French government spoke

Paris Saint-Germain international striker, Kylian Mbapperesponded to the insulting remarks of the president French Football Federation (and what comes next), Noel LeGreatagainst Zinedine Zidaneand confirms that this “is France“.

Zidane he France. Legend is not respected like that.” Mbappe on his Twitter account.

If I ran Talk at the station RMC The former star of the French national team and Real Madrid in a tone of contempt about speculation that he might be the next French coach, an option that was ignored with the announcement and what comes next Last Saturday, the extension of the contract with Didier Deschamps until July 2026, that is, until the next World Cup.

In the interview, Gray said:Zidane in Brazil? I don’t care, let him go where he wants! He can go wherever he wants to a club…”.

“yes Zidane Will you try to contact me? Of course not, he wouldn’t even pick up the phone. To tell him to find another club? Make a special program so that it finds a club or a select group, ”he continued.

Mbappe He wasn’t the only one who came out in defense ZidaneMinister of Sports, Amelie Odea Castera, apologized to If I ran.

And in a message on her Twitter account, the minister considered the controversial words of If I ran On Sunday on a radio station, they “got out of their way again”, with the aggravating circumstances of “the shameful disrespect that shocks us all against the legend of football and sport”, referring to Zidane.

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President of the First Sports Federation said to France He shouldn’t have said that,” he adds before making “excuses for those extra words about.” Zidaneplease”.

If I ran And he stressed that they did not consider at any time the possibility of not renewing the contract with Deschamps, who “has no alternative.”

For its part, Real Madrid regretted the “unfortunate statements” it made If I ran against Zidanewho “represents the values ​​of the sport,” as he “has shown throughout his professional career as a player and as a coach.”

“These words show disrespect for one of the most admired personalities of football fans around the world,” said Real Madrid.

The club, headed by Florentino Perez, “expects an immediate correction” and highlighted his career Zidane. “The world champion and European champion who defends his country’s jersey, among many other titles, represents the values ​​of the sport and has shown them throughout his professional career as a player and as a coach.”

Statements of the President of the Republic French Football Federation It is not suitable for someone who holds this representation and they exclude themselves, like the one he also does with our captain Karim Benzema, the current Ballon d’Or, League of Nations champion with France in 2021 and winner of 5 UEFA Champions League titles among many other titles.”

finally, If I ran I apologize on monday with Zidane For some words that “do not at all reflect what I think of him, nor my appreciation for the player he was, nor for the coach he has become.”

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In his apology letter, If I ran He explains that he did an interview he shouldn’t have given for the station RMC Because “he was looking for controversy by opposing Didier [Deschamps] With Zinedine ZidaneFrench football monument. I admit to saying the wrong things that caused misunderstandings.”

He confirms:Zinedine Zidane You know the great esteem I have for him, like all Frenchmen.”

The situation is particularly sensitive to If I ranwho is on a tightrope of investigations into sexual harassment allegations against him and what comes nextFor which it must appear as part of an audit commissioned by the Minister of Sports.