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The celebration as an old man was dedicated by Gignac to Miguel Herrera

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After, after Miguel Herrera, former Tigres coachAnd The Cats Campus Will Be Called “The Old”for example Andre Pierre Gignac For 37 years, it was Bomboro He dedicated his first goal to him at End of 2023.

And it is that the Frenchman scored his 177th goal in the net of the first round saints Past Lopez teeth at 83′, and immediately his celebration was acting like an old man’s, pretending he had a crutch and holding his waist.

In addition, this comment just because of his age has not been received before louseThere was also a French fan who got through Qatar World Cup 2022He said that Gignac had to retire and that the Bomboro family learned of the comment.

What did Biogo Herrera say?

are removed by Pachuca in the quarterfinalsAnd Miguel Herrera blamed Tigres for being an old teamamong which Gignac is mentioned.

“If you want, I can sit (Mauricio) Colebro (President of Tigres) here and tell him if they’re going to kick me out, people can’t even decide, me or whoever else will come will have the generational change that he won, people will upset you because I took out one player or another and tried to rejuvenate the team, well, someone is going to be touched, if it’s not me who comes in, there will be a change and it just happened to happen, Gignac is not eternal.”

“I see him (Gignac) running and fighting, but it’s never, at some point they’re going to have to retire or go or give up their place to the youth and the DT that comes in or I have to think about it all of a sudden it doesn’t seem to people that many people are 35, 37, 34 (years old), they are the second oldest team in the championship and we have to think about it, the team changes, we found it with the council, we didn’t plan the date, today with this team and people who killed themselves they achieved successful things, we have to do with a disgusting generation what they did With this generation,” were Byoju’s words.

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