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Julian Quiñones “used” his Mexican passport to travel to the United States.

Julian Quiñones “used” his Mexican passport to travel to the United States.

after Get your naturalization letterthe introduction Julian Quiñones I traveled with America to Chivas face He is already in the United States with his passport in his hands, a fact he boasts about on social media.

The striker does not hide his happiness to have him in his hands Papers certifying him as another Mexicanthe same one he used at the airport to fly to Pasadena, California, where Aguilas was on Sunday They will face a new national classic.

When will Quiñones make his debut with Tricolor?

According to Jaime Lozano, the national representative’s technician, he indicated an intention Count on Quiñones for November’s FIFA appointment.

“Julian, well, happy, he will give us different things that we don’t have. I’m happy for him, it’s something he was looking for, he wants to return to Mexico and Mexican football, everything it gave him.” He has made his decision and Almost everything is ready for consideration in November“.

The striker is just waiting for his change of association to become official, which he hopes will happen in about a month;

By obtaining the official documents, you can now carry out the procedure


Julian has already worked with the Mexican national team in the Central African Republic.

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