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“There are too many stones to be broken.”

“There are too many stones to be broken.”


Cristiano Ronaldo Triumph led Portugal on Slovakia To qualify for the next European Cup, which will be held in Germany in 2024. The striker scored a brace and reached 857 goals in his professional career. He remains the best scorer ever.

“I’m enjoying the moment, which is good, I feel good, my body is responding to what I’ve given it in recent years. I’m happy both in the national team and in the club. I scored many goals and I feel good physically,” the Portuguese told the press after the match. “.

“On a personal level, I am very happy with what I did. Now we have to continue, we have a few more games and we have to improve the machine. The team was very good and with different systems,” he added.

He explained after that, “Portugal qualified because it played well, has a good team and an excellent coach (Roberto Martinez). “It’s no coincidence that we qualified.”

Now he wants “there to be no injuries or other problems” so that he can “again reach the final stage and play” with the Portuguese team.

Reaching a thousand goals

On the other side, Christian He indicated that he is now thinking “in the short term,” and one of the goals he set is to reach 900 goals, after a conversation this week with the president of the organization. Porto, Jorge Nuno Pinto da CostaWho challenged him to reach 1000.

“It will be very difficult, but it’s about seeing my state of mind and my motivation. Yes, physically, my legs treat me the way I treat them… We’ll see, it’s small stages. In order to reach 1,000, we first have to reach 900,” the striker said. that”.

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He stated: “I am confident of reaching 900, but 1000 goals is a big stone that must be broken.”