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Juan Carlos Osorio future in choice and two offers from clubs |  national teams

Juan Carlos Osorio future in choice and two offers from clubs | national teams

It wasn’t easy weeks for Juan Carlos Osorio, who finally ended his departure from América de Cali by mutual agreement after sitting down with Tulio Gomez. His performance with the Crimson Club was less than 40% during his time on the bench and was led by more controversy than good results. Once his contract expired, he spoke with broker Deportes Sin Tapujos and confirmed he had offers from a national team.

It is no secret that Juan Carlos Osorio has a great longing to lead the national team again, and his desire to be the coach of Colombia. It should be noted that Osorio has already made an important tour of Mexico at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a competition in which the German national team beat Germany on the first day.

In an interview with Deportes Sin Tapujos, the strategist commented: “It seems to me that managing a World Cup or Copa America is an exceptional opportunity for any strategic coach who knows how to select and build a team for competition. The World Cup was probably the most beautiful thing I lived in football and I hope to return.”

He also provided clues about his future and continuity in the artistic direction. Just as when he took on the challenge with America and announced his interest in a national team, Osorio talked about his performances right now, one of which is with a national team. I did not send CVs to any of them. A selection was offered to me and a couple of clubs. I will sit down with my family to think and discuss what is best for my career.

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However, he continued his testimony, adding that he had kept it a secret since he was in América de Cali before his departure, “Actually, that was the first thing they told me, please keep it a secret. I kept it a secret for 7 or 10 days. I’ve been thinking about it because the first thing was to terminate my employment contract, and secondly to think about it well and plan for it. It is outside of South America.

Regarding that ambition he had to direct Columbia, it all seems to have faded, because he said in the interview, ‘I promised my family I’d never talk about it again. I am Colombian, I love my country and I have always defended football and our footballers.

What he indicated is that Reinaldo Rueda is not responsible for the poor results of the Colombian national team, “I think it is unfair to blame him, the responsibility lies with all of us and I include myself there.”