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José Altuve's reaction to meeting an Astros fan who waited 36 hours to see him

José Altuve’s reaction to meeting an Astros fan who waited 36 hours to see him


A Houston Astros fan decided to stand in line for 36 hours to meet Jose Altuve. How did the Venezuelan baseball player react? Bolavip tells you.

Jose Altuve, MLB superstar
© Steve Chambers/Getty ImagesJose Altuve, MLB superstar

One of the stories in which there is passion in a world the mlb He was seen in his full splendor Jose Altuve It is a lover Houston Astros as champions. Only four days have passed since the consecration as champions 2022 World Championship For a fan to decide to wait 36 ​​hours to meet the player he was born with Venezuela.

And that’s not all! Lisa Valverde received the news of her uterine cancer defeat And the first thing to do is not to ring the bell, which is a tradition in which it is done United State When this disease ends. Astros fan preferred to go to meet alternative.

Jose Altuve He was signing autographs at the Academy Sports + Outdoors sports store afterward title with the Houston Astros in the 2022 World Series And one of the most emotional moments was when he met this fanatic who beat uterine cancer the day before and had been waiting 36 hours to meet him.

“It’s been a tough year. It’s been a battle of ups and downs. Other things have happened to me. I’ve been laid off from my job and I don’t have health insurance. It was tough, but I got through it and I’m here. Best time of my life here.” He said Lisa Valverde After his meeting with him alternative.

Altuve’s reaction to meeting an Astros fan who waited 36 hours to see him

Passion for Lisa Valverde Houston Astros No longer from now, he came to look Jose Cruz and Nolan Ryan Like his favorite players, but nothing like the admiration he has Jose Altuve. It was not in vain that he waited 36 hours to meet the Venezuelan baseball player, who had a real reaction when he learned this baseball fan’s story from major leagues.

“What can I say? I’m obviously glad for her because she’s supposed to ring the bell. That’s obviously a good thing in your life. The fact that she didn’t go here makes me feel really good. I was a little touched when he told me that. What can I say ?”I’m so glad we can make people as happy as the whole team did this year,” Jose Altuve said, according to an article by MLB.com’s Brian McTaggart.

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