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Ivan “Chino” Lopez leaves Motagua;  That’s why he left after 14 matches in the inaugural tournament

Ivan “Chino” Lopez leaves Motagua; That’s why he left after 14 matches in the inaugural tournament


The player is out of reach Ivan ChineseLopez It ceased being part of Motagua with four dates remaining before the end of the regular rounds of the tournament Opening 2023-24.

today ten It has been learned that his departure was due to the fact that the 33-year-old footballer did not have a very good relationship with the new coaching staff of Cesare Vigivani.

In addition, it has been confirmed that Ciclón Azul’s number 7 did not go to training this day (Thursday) and for this reason the Motagua board of directors has taken the decision that he will be granted an exit settlement on Friday (tomorrow). .

-Problems with Vigivani-

Since the arrival of the Argentine coach. Cesare Vigivani, The former Real España player did not get the required minutes in both the inaugural tournament and the Copa Central America.

Lopez did not play last night in They tied (2-2) against Saprissa in the first leg of the Central American Cup qualifiers This was the last straw for Chino, who wanted to get minutes in this important confrontation.

The Motagua coach explained that “Chino Lopez was not able to play this match, and for this reason he did not enter,” even though the fans asked him to enter; This is without giving further explanation.

-Beginning and goals-

Honduran player Ivan “Chino” Lopez arrived at the Blue Foundation at the beginning of 2021 to participate in the 2020-21 Final League, after spending several seasons with Real España.

‘7’ scored a total of 12 goals during the three and a half years he spent defending Motagua’s colours. He scored 2 goals in the Final League 20-21, scored 6 (2021-22), scored 2 goals (22-23) and this year he also collected two goals, one against Verdes in the Copa Central America and the other against Marathon in its history. 3 from Al-Fath.