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It’s very hard to be an astronaut, why?

Being an astronaut One of the hardest professions out there. And this has a lot to do with the fact that astronauts have to go through very rigorous training before they go through with it Send to space.
First of all, aspiring astronauts must have an excellent academic background. In fact, to be an astronaut, you need a master’s or doctoral degree in some discipline related to science and technology, such as engineering, medicine, or physics. In addition, knowledge is needed in areas such as mathematics, astronomy, computer science, geology and many other areas. This means that aspiring astronauts must spend many years studying and preparing to be eligible.

Strong training

the Cosmonaut training is very demanding.. It all starts with an intense course of physical training, to ensure that astronauts are fit and ready for the harsh living and working conditions in space. This includes a variety of physical activities, such as swimming, running, weightlifting, and climbing. In addition, astronauts must also learn to use specialized medical equipment, such as those used in emergency situations.

as we see, candidates They must have many physical abilities. They will have excellent stamina and strength because they are required to spend many hours training and experimenting in zero gravity conditions. Astronauts must also pass a health test, to ensure they are healthy enough to go into space. Finally, aspiring astronauts must be emotionally strong. Spending a lot of time away from family and friends takes a lot of discipline and emotional strength. As we know, they spend months in space, which can be emotionally stressful. Therefore, they need to be able to deal with the emotional challenges involved in space travel.

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theoretical content

Along with physical readiness, Astronauts They must also go through extensive content in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. This means that they must understand the basic science behind space exploration, as well as the scientific concepts behind travel to other planets. On the other hand, they must understand the technology required to operate spacecraft systems and perform their missions.

Risky missions

In addition to all this knowledge, astronauts must also be Ready for the dangers of a space mission. These risks include the risk of loss of atmospheric pressure and lack of oxygen, as well as withstanding various temperature extremes, lack of gravity and other hazards. In return, they have the opportunity to travel to places no human has ever seen before, discover new worlds, and discover the secrets of the universe. That is why, despite the difficulty of the profession, it still attracts many applicants.

In conclusion, being an astronaut is a challenging job with many requirements. It requires an excellent academic background, physical skills and emotional strength. Therefore, not many people can become astronauts. However, those who have the skills and determination to become astronauts will have the opportunity to experience incredible things that others can only dream of.