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Is the weekly package coming soon?  Diaz-Canel confirms that he is concerned about its content

Is the weekly package coming soon? Diaz-Canel confirms that he is concerned about its content

The Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, confirmed in a parliamentary session on July 19 that they, as a government, are concerned about the content that is shared from house to house, all over the island, through the so-called “weekly package”, a kind of Cuban “Netflix”, where current series, films, entertainment content, sports and so on are collected.

This Wednesday, the president, who recently returned from a tour of Europe, called some of the contents of the package circulating on the island a “concern” given the cultural consumption of foreign programs by children, teenagers, youth and women. The president also spoke of the “imperialist penetration” that many international programs that are consumed by the people have.

And Cannell expressed his concern not only on the subject of “phones and the Internet,” because “there could be more concerns, whatever comes to us through the package, through a movie, and are we going to stop watching movies, are we going to stop using the phone?”

He added that knowing how these platforms work, how we put our content on that platform, how we develop content, how we benefit from that, and how we also create critical insight towards those platforms.

Weekly package in Cuba: what does it look like?

The president wants to introduce content related to his politics in the “weekly package”, in order to create a “critical vision” of these foreign programs, so that people can understand what kind of external performances or performances cancel our “beliefs and traditions” and advance the “model of capitalism”.

What is the weekly package? Almost 1 terabyte of digital entertainment, with movies, series, music, games and applications, people pass from memory to memory, buying content, in Cuban pesos, into so-called “paqueteros”. This is all thanks to the island’s lack of connectivity, which is why many suggest that only someone close to the government could download that much data from the island.

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As can be seen from Canel’s words, the package is known to the government and although it is illegal, it is permitted. To do this, those who make up this huge amount of programming and entertainment avoid throwing any show with political content.