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Bukele has consolidated his absolute power in El Salvador with a Congress tailored to his needs, allowing him to approve reforms without opposition.

Bukele has consolidated his absolute power in El Salvador with a Congress tailored to his needs, allowing him to approve reforms without opposition.

Bukele has consolidated his absolute power in El Salvador with a dedicated Congress that allows him to approve reforms without opposition (Reuters/Jose Cabezas)

With complete control of the match new ideas From the president Nayeb Bukele The new one was installed this Wednesday Congress El Salvador, where the ruling party holds 54 of the 60 legislative seats.

Deputy Ernesto Castrol new ideasHe will preside for another three years Congress one room. Representatives were also re-elected Suisse Callejas And Rodrigo Ayala As vice presidents and deputies Elisa Rosales As first secretary of the board of directors, all of them are from the ruling party.

Two deputies from Allied parties They were elected to hold the position of Secretary of the Board of Directors. Representatives Opposition.

In June 2023, in the process of his application Bukele He wondered who Oppositionhe Congress Approval to reduce the number of representatives. From 84 to 60 as of May 1, 2024, of which the ruling party controls 54 seats.

he National Congress Party – Ally L Bukele– I got two, and Christian Democratic PartyHe is also an ally of President One. the opposition He won only three seats, two from the right National Republican Alliance (Alsaha) Another from the Conservative Party Come here.

With the Nuevas Ideas party in full control, the new Salvadoran Parliament was created, with the ruling party holding 54 of the 60 legislative seats (EFE/Rodrigo Sura)

With this distribution of legislative seats new ideas You will not have to negotiate with anyone and you can agree to it The state's general budget, International loansHe gives permission Issuing debtHe depends Exception systemsSelect the Attorney Generalfor members Supreme Court of Justicethe Court of Accountsto Human rights defense lawyer And the judges of Supreme Electoral Court.

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In addition, he will be able to approve and ratify constitutional reforms without hindrance.

In the constitution In force since 1983, it was included as a condition for its amendment that the reform must be ratified in Parliament Congress Later. That is, the constitutional reform must be sent and approved in one legislative body, but ratified in the next, after the elections.

At the request of the representatives new ideashe Congress That article has been fixed – 248 of the Constitution 1983 – like this Magna Carta It can also be fixed in the same legislature with Votes of three-quarters of elected representatives.

With the support of 66 out of 84 deputies Congress One room of Savioron April 29 – in the Legislature's last plenary session – how to do so was expanded the Constitution It can be reformed in two ways: the traditional method, which is to wait for it to be ratified in the next legislative council by a two-thirds majority of the votes, or the new method, which is to implement it in the same period by a three-quarters of the votes. Elected representatives.

Representative Ernesto Castro will preside over the unicameral Congress for another three years. Representatives Suisi Callejas and Rodrigo Ayala were also re-elected as vice presidents, and actress Elisa Rosales as first secretary of the board, all from the ruling party (Reuters/Jose Cabezas).

Opposition politicians And more than 12 organizations Civil society They immediately rejected the decision CongressDo you guarantee that? He added, “The reform agreement was not consulted on, did not comply with constitutional procedures, and violates democracy.”

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the Foundation for Law Enforcement Studies He said in a statement “A single legislative council approves and approves constitutional reforms, underestimates the limits of state law, and subjects it to the whims of comprehensive power, to promote it at the expense of the rights of the people.”.

New in its first session Congress He decided to reform its internal regulations to punish representatives who do not attend committees, and to reconstitute the working committees The President of the Legislative Council also authorizes thisIn cases of internal unrest, sessions can be held virtually in appropriate media with maximum publicity.