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Chamber will initiate judicial proceedings after DNER Secretary fails to deliver documents from Bahía Jobos in Salinas

Chamber will initiate judicial proceedings after DNER Secretary fails to deliver documents from Bahía Jobos in Salinas

After 5:00 pm today, Thursday, and after work stopped at Parliamentsecretary Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (drana), Raphael Masharigofailed to hand over a copy of the file of potential environmental violations at Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, in Salinasas requested by this legislature.

room head Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez MontañezThey announced that under this scenario, they would start legal action against the agency tomorrow.

Our legal advisors were working on the warrants because we expected this to happen, despite the compliance of other entities. Now, simply put, we will continue the process in the judicial forum,” Hernandez Montanez said.

The Department of Justicewhose delivery did not expire today, unlike DNER, sent the legislature a copy of the agency’s file exceeding 1,000 pages, he knew. new day.

For his part, the Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee in the House of Representatives said, Edgardo FelicianoHe described Masharijo’s decision not to comply with the request for information as “disrespectful”.

Apparently, the DNER Secretary has something to hide from the country… A lawsuit will be filed tomorrow until the Secretary gives us the information.”The legislator stated in writing.

“We hope on Monday you will have a good explanation for not complying with the specified term or requesting an extension”Among the heads of other agencies, Feliciano added, referring to the public hearing he referred to on the subject and to which Machargo was summoned.

Hernandez Montañez confirmed that the documents requested by the DNER were necessary for the fair exchange between the parties on Monday in favor of the situation and in the process of achieving the restoration of the area.

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In the ecological reserve, a residential area is being developed camp, apparently without permission from the relevant government agencies. For these tasks, the mangroves were cut down and the marine and terrestrial area was populated.

According to what happened, since at least 2015 the situation has been reported to the DNER, without knowing what was investigated, if anything, and why the necessary steps were not taken to stop construction in identifying possible environmental violations.

new day A response was requested from the DNER on the reasons for the non-compliance, but there was no response.

Reporter Javier Colon collaborated on this story.