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PREPA discovers "fraudulent" connections in the Bahía de Gobos conservation area in Salinas

PREPA discovers “fraudulent” connections in the Bahía de Gobos conservation area in Salinas

Salinas – CEO of Electric Power Authority (European Space Agency), Joshua ColumbusReferring to Department of Justiceas well as for Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) and Loma EnergyAnd the A copy of the investigation conducted by the public institution that revealed irregularities in the area of ​​​​the National Estuarine Research Reserve in the Gulf of Jobos, in Salinas, El Nuevo Dia learned.

In principle , PREPA has identified 47 facilities, in the Las Mareas neighborhood, that do not meet the requirements requested by that public institution to award an electricity contractsuch as a use permit, contract or lease.

new day He requested an interview yesterday with Colon, but he was not there.

During the intervention in the program play hard ballColon noted on Wednesday that, If the information in the investigation report is verified, the residents of the area will lose electrical conductivity.. “In fact, we found some people stealing electricity because there are some direct connections and everything,” he said.

For its part, LUMA Energy noted that the situation in the environmental reserve occurred before the company took control of the transmission and distribution of electricity in the country. He added, in written statements, that they could not turn off the electricity “without appropriate measures by the authorities.”

Yesterday, this outlet had the opportunity to visit the neighborhood of Las Marias, where the allegedly “invaded” land is located. The area was practically deserted, except for a few people who apparently wanted to see what happened there up close.

Such was the case for Alfredo García Davila, who has been living in Salinas for more than 50 years. “This was as if it was hidden. I had never heard anything, there were comments that they were throwing ashes to fill the area.”

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García Davila said what had been done in the region was “terrible” and expressed confidence that justice would do its part. “This is for everyone, not just one group,” said the man.

On land in the Los Indios sector, in the neighborhood of Las Marias, a residential area with “caravan” type mobile homes was developed, but housing, swimming pools and concrete fences were also built. For these tasks, the mangroves were cut down and the wild marine area was populated, affecting the nature reserve.

As verified by this medium, some water and electricity connections were still active, although others were removed. During the visit, DNER personnel carried out a protective patrol and helicopter of United Rapid Action Forces (Immediately) the police flew over the area.

A man residing in the area who preferred not to be named denied that all the buildings erected there were built without permits from the relevant government agencies, and asserted that there are about five entities of the land – where part of the controversial development is located. Located – It was not owned by and was legally acquired by DNER.

He stressed that there are texts confirming the validity of the transactions. But he realized that some people “made serious mistakes”, but in his opinion “they can be corrected”. He also denied that the mangroves were filled.

The room will go to court

Meanwhile, after five o’clock yesterday evening and after work stopped in ParliamentDNER Secretary, Raphael Machargodid not turn over a copy of the case file, as required by that legislature on Sunday.

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room head Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez MontañezAnd the And he announced that, in light of this scenario, they will start judicial proceedings against the agency today. Our legal advisors were working on the writings because we expected this to happen, despite the compliance of other entities. Now, simply put, we will continue the process in the judicial forum,” he emphasized.

This newspaper has learned that the Ministry of Justice, whose term of delivery did not expire yesterday, unlike DNER, sent the legislature a copy of the agency’s file exceeding 1,000 pages.