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Is crafts the new meditation? I am a wellness editor and so I found the best one for me

for being a method Flow experience Based on Connect your body and mindthey say that character is a method contemplation. dodge it? the movement. the Touching meditation It is a valid alternative such as sitting down and paying attention to breathing. perfect for very active that cost stay where you areI personally discovered it in great moments Anxiety and stress. when you feel like this Find calm Or peace of mind is particularly difficult, but not impossible. There are many ways to practice it: Walking, knitting and cooking…or simply What kind of character. The fact of incorporating your hands into the meditation process is key. But her Technique.

What is affective meditation

Smell, touch, see, create. The feeling is actually as simple as it is basic. Allow yourself to go among the flowers. You can let yourself be carried away by these sensations in the flower workshops of the Alblanc Atelier in Barcelona.Balan

In the Consider movement You are still on the move. And in that movement is the key. the full attention It is the most important part of movement meditation. As he explains American Institute of Health Care ProfessionalsMovement meditation focuses on the movements of the body rather than the goal of the movement. Crafts Land sharing creativity They focus on developing work that is done with the most primitive tool ever: Our hands. There is a dialogue between the matter and our hands, and also between our hands and ours brain. the Neurology He spent years studying the hand-brain connection as a way to augment brain plasticity From childhood, for example. paint, weavekneading, modeling … Any activity that involves the use of our hands is also valid for the practice of meditation in movement and access flow condition.

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How it flows while working with your hands

in psychologythe flow is a Immersive momentWhere our minds check One hundred percent focus on activity who works. It is a concept coined by a psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi in 1975. Since then, attention has been paid to activities where flow experiences are introduced and its benefits studied in depth. according to Asana“In addition to I feel goodBeing in a state of flow has a number of benefits, including: in accordance with your feelingsbig satisfy Because what you produce during flow condition Tend to be your own reward and greater Commitment to your workReaching this level of relaxation during meditation practices is mental flow. a nap create artflow state is reached when you are very involved in Creation process It’s the only thing you focus on. These experiences make up creative flow.

Tips for beginners or how to find the perfect craft for you

Illustrated Ink runs workshops to learn how to paint with watercolors while you learn to enjoy the process of doing so.Pictorial ink

Yes, it exists manual activities that suits you the most. The way to discover you is Try them. There are people who choose lettersPottery sewingto cook Origami artpainting … According to Chris, who Pictorial ink“,” I often see it at the end of my file Watercolor painting workshops. Students point out how quickly the hours passed without their knowledge, and tell me about Feeling relaxed and calm, other than what they painted. Most define the emotion that these watercolor courses exude with words like Relaxation, inspiration, connection with oneself, pause…creation is when we stop trying to achieve a certain thing Enjoy the process Doing it, just for the sake of it, is very therapeutic. That’s what I call it Creative awakeningWhatever the case, keep in mind that the key lies in your attitude, if you want to Learn to meditate on the go And to make your case for creative flow, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose an activity in which you feel comfortable. It is necessary to find Balancing Skill Challenge. If the craft you are developing is fatal for you, the process will not bring you much well-being.
  • Minimize distractions while working with your hands. If your goal is to focus on procesEverything that separates you from him hurts you. Don’t multitask either. It is about focusing on just one.
  • Don’t look for perfection. It is not the point of triggering meditation. Just fully pay attention and feel the process. Let your mind connect one hundred percent with your hands. if you don’t get it, Don’t force it.
  • If you don’t know where to start, Register for a workshop that we recommend