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Expert Marta Perez keys to connect with your home decor

Expert Marta Perez keys to connect with your home decor

“New year, new life” Says the popular saying. But how often has your lifestyle made you want to start over at another time? Hatha yoga and therapeutic yoga teacher, Marta Perez-Rodriguez encourages you to do just that with her. Wellness Agenda.

Perez is the author of the Yoga is life brand and website. He has many trainings in yoga, mindfulness and meditation. She has been giving classes and workshops for over a decade, regularly collaborates in the media and is an ambassador for holistic health and wellbeing. In addition, she is the best-selling author Yoga is life. Guidelines, exercises and lessons to combat stress and stay healthy (Adv 2021).

The Wellbeing Agenda for Yoga is Life: 50 Weeks to Connect with Your Home (Edaf, 2022) is an agenda created so that you can gain knowledge “that will improve your health, and enhance your physical and mental health.”

[Si quieres engancharte al yoga, sigue a estas ‘influencers’ del bienestar y la meditación]

According to the author: “Planning with this journal or diary will help you with this Clear your mind of thoughts. It would be like having a secretary who would remember it for you, so that your brain wouldn’t have to remember everything you had to do day after day, month after month…”

Every week Perez brings you Two new tools and a phrase or aphorism that you can focus on all week. You will find breathing techniques, yoga postures, inspirational phrases, meditations, and eating tips.

Put them into practice and realize that your health depends exclusively on you. Your attitude is essential to developing healthy habitsThe agenda contains simple practices so you can deal with stress, banish anxiety, and focus your mind on healthy alternatives to stay fitter and more positive.

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The notebook is timeless, so you are neither early nor late. You just have to add the month and day from the beginning of the week and start typing what you need.

Yoga philosophy

Yoga, more of a physics discipline, is a Lifestyle. According to Perez, those who base their lives on this philosophy and incorporate it into their daily lives lead a more conscious life, with a clear mind and a more open attitude.

In each session there are eight steps that are repeated and are known as the eight steps of Benjali:

  • Yamas. Five attitudes towards oneself: nonviolence, honesty, non-stealing, conserving energy and letting go of the desire to possess.
  • nyamas. Five attitudes toward others: Cleanliness, Inner Contentment, Discipline, Meditation, Surrender to God.
  • Asana. position.
  • Pranayama. Breath control.
  • Pratihara. abstraction of the senses.
  • Dharana. concentration.
  • Diana. contemplation.
  • Samadhi. conduction or lighting.

theYou Patanjali’s Eight Steps, according to the author, helps to live fully with “connection and heart.”

“Yoga will enter your life in time and over time, when you incorporate these eight steps into your life, it will flow, just as nature and life do,” he says.

Eight tips

Marta Perez also gives you eight tips for enjoying your life:

  • When you wake up, give thanks and imagine your day in a positive light.
  • Set aside a few minutes to enjoy the silence and do nothing.
  • Remember each day to do one or more things that make you feel good and spend ten minutes meditating or doing breathing techniques.
  • Move your body to calm your mind.
  • Love yourself every day, develop love for yourself and for the world.
  • Find composure and try to find calm in the face of good and bad.
  • When you go to bed, release yourself from what happened during the day and remind you of the positive aspects.
  • Be compassionate, forgiving, and patient.
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Now, do you dare to release the agenda?