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UAEMex shows the magic of mathematics in the Faculty of Science

Bringing mathematics together in a way that is fun and also allows for reflection and questioning was the purpose of the “XIV Mathematical Festival” held at the Faculty of Sciences of the Autonomous State University of Mexico (UAEMéx).

The coordinator of the Mathematics Degree Teaching and Mathematics Workshop at the festival, Anil Esquivel Navarrete, explained that these activities, which took place on February 23 and 24, are aimed at popularizing mathematics.

“The aim was to motivate children to study mathematics by supporting us with fun activities, entertainment and things they can feel. The festival originated with origami and then mathematics and other commandments joined, both teachers and students and the motivation was achieved,” he explained.

Esquivel Navarrete shared that one of the activities that has caught the attention among the students is the magic math workshop in which tricks are performed with cards, dice, tables, etc., which allows participants to ask themselves questions through the application of mathematics. How do they arrive at those results?

“Who goes further: they guess and know how you do it and once they know how you do it, they wonder why it works, and then, when the student is able to get to that thinking, they are more critical and reflective and that’s the purpose.”

As part of the festival’s activities, film screenings, conferences and dialogues that can enhance the taste for mathematics are also held.

The mathematical festival is held annually, and academics and teachers with a degree in mathematics participate in it.

(photo: private portal)

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