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Institutional examples of science fair a reality

Institutional examples of science fair a reality

Institutional examples of the 33rd Fair of Science, Art and Technology “Citizenship in a Democratic Culture” began.

The Ministry of Education announced the registration of more than 130 establishments, including about 320 places in schools of all levels and patterns in the educational system.

These cases will extend until July 8 implicitly, with the aim of demonstrating and recording the different ways students’ knowledge is built through different forms of support.

Experiments focus on the way an event or phenomenon, an approach to a problem, a community need, or other situations that have aroused curiosity and interest have been observed.

Desde el Área de Desarrollo Curricular se destacó la importancia de las diferentes instancias de Feria como espacios que apuntan a fomentar la cultura ciudadana y democrática, el espíritu crítico y la curiosidad en nios nios, como dad, generally.

These are proposals that represent another opportunity to advance learning that includes inquiry, expression, and communication, through arts, science, and technology methodologies.

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