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Infantino confirms that the 2034 World Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia

Infantino confirms that the 2034 World Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia

EvieOctober 31, 2023, 5:00 PM ETReading: 2 minutes.

Gianni Infantino, President of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), confirmed in a post on his Instagram account that the 2034 World Cup will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Madrid — Gianni Infantinopresident FIFAHe confirmed through a post on his account on the social networking site Instagram that the 2034 World Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia, the country whose candidate submitted a declaration of interest in organizing the event next Tuesday.

Infantino highlighted the measures taken by FIFA to make football “truly global.”Evie

He added: “The greatest show on Earth will be organized by Canada, Mexico and the United States in 2026 in North America. The next two editions of the FIFA World Cup FIFA It will be played in Africa (Morocco), Europe (Portugal and Spain) – with three matches in South America (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) – in 2030 and in Asia (Saudi Arabia) in 2034. Three editions, on five continents and ten participating countries. In the tournament. “This makes football truly global,” he said.

In this regard, he explained: “The bidding processes were unanimously approved by the House of Representatives FIFAAll six continental federations are represented, after constructive dialogue and wide-ranging consultations. Thank you to everyone who participated in this positive exchange.”

Infantino believes that “football unites the world like no other sport”, that the World Cup “is the perfect display of the message of unity and inclusion” and that it also provides “an important illustration of how different cultures can come together and learn to co-exist”. We understand each other better.”

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Finally, he believes that while we live “in an increasingly divided and aggressive world”, it shows that football “unites like nothing else”, concluding that “we all need these occasions of unity and the next World Cup in the world”. FIFA Providing a unique force for good in this regard.”