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Summary of the match between Queretaro and Chivas (1-2).  Objectives

Summary of the match between Queretaro and Chivas (1-2). Objectives

He returned to victory and Chivas They have moved up more places in Apertura 2023, Veljko Paunovic’s team is already fourth overall When you win 2-1 to Queretaro In a duel corresponding to the 15th day.

Suffering beyond expectations Guadalajara I got three gold points At Corregidora Stadiumreached 24 points and temporarily placed himself among the top four, much to the admiration of the Guadalajara fans.

These were the goals of the match Queretaro vs. Chivas

After losing to Tigres 4-0 in the last confrontation. Chivas could not bear another fallAnd with Goals from Eric Gutierrez and Roberto Alvarado They earned their seventh win of the term on a tough night in Baguio.

Gutierrez got His first goal for Chivas In the 9th minute, the visit was already won. It all started at the feet of Alvarado, who left Fernando Beltran; The midfielder hit him and Guillermo Alisson blocked him, but the ball rebounded to Miguel Barbieri. The flogging was left to Guti who sent it in to save and make it 1-0.

The people of Guadalajara continued to advance, and in the 28th minute Alvarado sent a wonderful cross to Ricardo Marin, who headed the ball into the side of Queretaro’s goal.

Marin himself received a ball in the 31st minute from Fernando Gonzalez, and entered the area. Alisson cut in and committed a penaltyscored by Peogo Alvarado in the 33rd minute to make the score 2-0.

Queretaro responded in the 38th minute, and Miguel Barbieri fired a header from Pablo Barrera, which was blocked by Miguel Jimenez.

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Before the break Nene Beltran He was in front of Alisson and couldn’t increase the advantage.

In the second half, young Raul Martinez committed a foul on Raul Zuniga in the 51st minute, but the duel continued and In the 53rd minute, a penalty kick was scored via VARany Barrera was well paid At the 54th minute, the score became 2-1.

Chivas wanted a third goal and in the 69th minute Beogo hit a pass from Isaac Brizuela and Alisson kept the ball.

Chivas ended up suffering

The locals scored another goal in the 82nd minute with a shot from Emanuel Gularte that was blocked by Jimenez and a minute later, Chivas remained with 10 men due to Ricardo Marin’s sending off.

The duel ended very painfully for Chivas from then on Queretaro had at least two clear goals in the final stretchBut Jimenez’s skill and performance prevented them from equalizing.

Chivas host Cruz Azul on Saturday at Akron Stadium in what is expected to be a great match.