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Eli De La Cruz tries to steal and is sentenced in Arizona (+ video)

Eli De La Cruz tries to steal and is sentenced in Arizona (+ video)

The reality he lives Cincinnati Reds In MLB 2024, it’s not nice to say the least. The franchise currently has a 16-21 record for fourth place in the National League Central Division, following eight straight losses in the major leagues. But on an individual level, some of their players are far from the reality of their club, and this is the case of the young Dominican. Eli Dela Cruz.

Eli Dela Cruz He heads into MLB 2024 with a lot of momentum and a desire to improve on what was accomplished in 2023. So far, he has a .264/.367/.886 average with eight home runs, 20 RBIs, 28 runs scored, and 23 stolen bases, per This last statistic is important to highlight as he is a leader in Las Mayores.

Eli De La Cruz was caught trying to steal a base

The sixth inning loss was started by said player with a walk, and minutes later, he landed at second base with his 22nd stolen base of the year. It happens while your partner Spencer Steer took his turn, Eli Dela Cruz Try to get safely to the waiting room. However, launcher Slade Ciccone He was very attentive to the movements of the Antilles. In one of those reviews, he recognized the player’s intentions and passed the ball without hesitation to his teammate at third base. Eli Dela Cruz He tried to avoid the play, but his efforts failed and he was ejected. This was the fourth time in NBA 2024 They took it out of circulation in an attempted theft.

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It is expected Eli Dela Cruz He comes very close to, and even breaks, the Venezuelan record Ronald Acuña Jr 41-73 (stolen home bases).