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$1 bills with a printing error can be worth up to $150,000

$1 bills with a printing error can be worth up to $150,000

1 dollar from 2013 with a typo can go for $150,000. (United States Federal Reserve)

In a rare discovery that could prompt Americans to check their wallets, it has been discovered One dollar bills issued in 2013 With specific printing errors being frantically sought out by collectors, willing to pay exorbitant sums. This error, which consists of repeating serial numbers, was committed by United States Bureau of Engraving and Printingduring the production of two different batches of banknotes in the years 2014 And 2016affecting a total of more than 6.4 million pairs of banknotes, as detailed Fox Business.

The peculiarity of these banknotes lies in their duplicate serial number, a highly unusual phenomenon given that US currency regulations stipulate a unique number for each banknote in circulation. “It’s very rare for the Fed to screw up an order and then end up trading.”Commented on Fox Business Chad Houck, Vice President of PMG (Professional Grading Company), a prestigious paper currency grading company, headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. Hook highlighted the uniqueness of this error, pointing out its exceptional nature in the circulation of the American currency.

The impact of this error translates into a significant value for the affected banknotes. According to Houck, while two bills with regular serial numbers are equivalent to two dollars, bills with duplicate numbers can reach astronomical numbers when the corresponding pair is located. “The last pair I made, I think I saw them sell for about $6,000.”said Houck, emphasizing the high value these bugs can bring among collectors and enthusiasts.

You may be able to get thousands of dollars off your $1 bill, that is, if your bill has a duplicate serial number from 2013. (PMG)

The search for these rare banknotes has gained momentum in recent years, especially thanks to social media and dedicated websites, which make it easier to identify banknotes and match them with matching serial numbers. The collecting community has seen in these platforms a An invaluable tool for exchanging information and locating lost pairs Amid billions of banknotes in circulation.

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According to experts, the condition of banknotes also plays a decisive role in determining their value. Bill Baileyowner of Century Coins in Robinson, TexasHe noted that banknotes in the best condition, whether lightly circulated or not at all, are the ones that achieve the highest values. “They can score between 15 and 70 points, which is really hard to do. So, the higher the number in the score, the better the value of the score.”It is to explain.

People with a bill of potential value are encouraged to take it to specialty shops to have it evaluated and graded, a recommendation endorsed by professional dealers and graders. The possibility of having a bill with these characteristics in your wallet is not too far-fetched, considering the wide circulation and useful life of US dollar bills. “Taking into account that [los billetes de un dólar] It’s from 2013, its production life, and it’s still available.Hook said, providing a glimmer of hope for those looking to find hidden treasure in their own money.

The Federal Reserve Note (67) has a duplicate serial number with another $1 bill (25) from 2013. (PMG)

This strange phenomenon highlights the complex relationship between errors, collectibility, and value in the world of numismatics. As collectors and the general public set out to search for these rare banknotes, it is clear that even in errors can lie an amazing opportunity to gain value, turning simple pieces of paper currency into desirable collectibles.

Dollar bills that can be worth thousands have three indicators, according to Rich nickelPersonal finance website:

  • The series date near the George Washington portrait should indicate “Series 2013.”
  • The invoice must have the Federal Reserve stamp “B” above the serial number.
  • The serial number must end with an asterisk
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It is between B00000001* – B00250000* or B03200001*-B09600000*