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Alexis Vega shoots Aurel Antona de Chivas with pictures and message

Alexis Vega shoots Aurel Antona de Chivas with pictures and message

Mexico City /

Once you arrive Roberto “Louse” Alvarado to Chivas, the next step in negotiation is to transfer Aurel Antona to Cruz Azul, a fact that led to Alexis Vega to put some pictures that look goodbye, in addition to a letter ending the “Tamarindo duo”.

Vega and Antona made a sincere friendship In their passage through the sacred flock, something they confirmed with multiple photos and videos, and even then Led them to earn some cashEspecially when the pictures of both of them went viral Celebrating El Brujo .’s birthday Only a few days to play.

Despite the fuss, both enjoyed their good relationship and even deliberately. As “tamarind duo” Referring to an alcoholic drink, which is something Vega remembered today, and who saw that this union was over.

In the photos that Vega showed, they are both seen together at the Verde Valle facilities, just outside the locker room, with Antuna with a bag on her arm.

The exchange is in process

Chivas was the first to confirm that the exchange between Chivas and Cruz Azul for Piogo Alvarado and Uriel Antona had taken place with a publication in which they were seen Several letters on a red and white shirt and then with the picture.

besides Antona, The cement team will add Alejandro Mayorga, who will come out in separate negotiations in search of more activity.

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