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How to recover Saime password and username?

How to recover Saime password and username?

The Service for Identity, Immigration and Immigration Administrative (SAIME) platform allows people to book appointments to obtain passports and ID cards, but they must log in with the correct username and password.

by Diary 2001

However, sometimes people forget their usernames and passwords, which prevents them from performing their actions as usual.

This is how you can recover your SAIME password and username

So we advise you to follow these simple steps to restore it:

Enter the official website of SAIME

Click on “Forgot password”

Add your ID number and choose the account recovery method, either email, security questions, or password.

Click Accept and wait for the recovery message. Then, create a new access code and you’re ready to schedule your appointment.

This is how you can request an appointment to obtain an ID card

If, for example, you want to process an ID card for the first time for a minor, follow these steps:

Log in to the SAIME website

Go to the “Cedulation” option, then “Request a minor card for the first time” and fill out the form with the data: type of card, state, municipality, parish, civil registry, registration book, year of registration, date of birth and certificate number.

In addition to adding data such as personal characteristics, gender, address, and health center.

Fill out the legal form and the system will determine which documents you must bring to your appointment.

Choose the location, date, and time, then click the “Schedule Appointment” option.

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