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They have recovered the bodies of two brothers who died at El Hippie Pond in Naguabo

They have recovered the bodies of two brothers who died at El Hippie Pond in Naguabo

The Office of Emergency Management and Disaster Management (Namid) recovered, this morning, the bodies of two brothers, a man and a woman, who died yesterday in hippie pool in nagapo.

Press spokesperson for the Public Security Department, Mariana Cubanconfirmed to new day The authorities found the two bodies, although at present they did not transport the body of the young man from the area except by helicopter.

Commissioner Nmid, Nino Korea FilomenoHe explained this morning that the young man died while trying to save his sister, who slipped from a stone and hit her head.

“One slips (of the two brothers) and another chases after her to save her. They slipped and when they slipped they hit their heads. We are talking they were between 24 and 26 years old”details of the official in a radio interview (WKAQ 580 AM).

Correia Filomeno indicated that the body of the young man was recovered in the early hours of this morning, but there was a need to get it out of the area using a helicopter, given the complexity of the task by land.

Neither of them was identified at the time. However, Correa Philomeno noted that he learned that the two brothers were fraternizing after arriving on the island in recent days.

He specifically confirmed that it was the third brother who retrieved the two bodies. According to his testimony, Correa Philomeno said, he left the two bodies on the beach and then set out on a road to seek help. However, when the rescuers arrived, they only found the body of the young man.

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“We suppose that the other body (of the young woman) may have been running along the river. It would have been drawn in by the water according to the amount of water that goes down.”The official said in a radio interview (Radio Isla 1320), about the reason why the body of the female was not found where her brother was mentioned.

A few years ago we had a situation with a Brazilian tourist who died here and it took four days to get her body back. […] The only way this object could be removed is by air, due to how difficult it is to reach by road.The commissioner, who described the place as an extension of mountainous terrain with numerous waterfalls and caves, pointed out.

The helicopter used to retrieve the bodies is owned by the United Rapid Action Forces.

“It is very difficult and dangerous to get here in normal conditions, I don’t want to imagine sometimes when people share alcohol and things. Two hours walk from where I left the car to the pond”pointed out.

NMEAD units from Arecibo, Ponce, Naguabo and other cities are still in place to assist with the recovery mission.