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InES Gender Project UdeC holds its second meeting "Gender Approach in STEM Fields"

InES Gender Project UdeC holds its second meeting “Gender Approach in STEM Fields”

The meeting included a conference before Dr.. Carolina Martinez Galasan academic and researcher in the Department of Biology and Chemistry at the Catholic University of Mule, who presented the results of various investigations on the impact of science education with a gender approach, in increasing female participation and knowledge generation in STEM fields.

Accordingly, Dr. Carolina Martinez-Gallaz emphasized that “reducing the gender gap in STEM fields is an urgent task because the gap is very large in terms of female participation and performance in science. Thinking about science with a gendered approach provides value that allows the inclusion of women’s knowledge, and contribute to generating knowledge of new edges and pressing problems.”

Moving towards strategies that reduce gender gaps in different areas of knowledge is an essential task that involves the participation and commitment of various actors and university communities.

Likewise, the Vice Rector for Research and Development, Dr. Andrea Rodriguez TastesHe added, “We are encouraged to see interest in the STEM type II meeting, as there is a particularly large gap in the fields of mathematics, physics and engineering.”

He added, “There is a descriptive diagnosis of the situation, as well as some motivational initiatives at the school level, but there is still a lot to be done, which requires a dialogue that allows us to direct our initiatives.”

The “Gender Approach in STEM” meeting fostered an interdisciplinary dialogue, which, once the conference ended, was expanded into a participatory workshop with various members of the university community associated with STEM fields, and presented to the InES project as key responses to implementing the STEM approach Gender in teaching and the processes associated with research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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The “Science with Gender Approach” cycle is in full swing, and two more events have been identified where theoretical and practical thinking will continue on the inclusion of a gender approach in science, for which the community is invited to pay attention to the media Vice Rectory for Research and Development and the InES Gender Project UdeC.